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How do I file a claim?
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Under Saskatchewan law, you have 2 years from the time of the collision to report your claim and get your vehicle repaired.  We recommend reporting your claim as soon as possible to avoid any disputes over the extent of damage caused in the collision.

To file your claim, you can file online with Auto eClaim

  • Glass repairs (except windshields) - glass claims for back and side glass can be filed with Auto eClaim.

  • Windshield repairs - Just go to your auto glass repair shop.  They can call us to confirm your coverage.

Auto Injury

We’re always here to help.  If you’ve been hurt or if you’ve lost a family member in an auto collision or a single-vehicle incident, follow these steps to report your claim.

Contact the SGI injury claims centre to report your injury.  SGI will assign a personal injury representative to your claim to help you on your road to recovery.  Your personal injury representative will:

  • explain what will happen during the claim process;

  • gather information about the incident and your injuries;

  • let you know about the benefits you’re eligible for;

  • get medical information from your doctors (if needed); and

  • gather information related to your job.


We're here to help you every step of the way.  Follow these steps to prepare and report your claim: 

  • Report your claim:  Contact Us!!  We will take your details and forward your claim.  You will be assigned a claims adjuster.  Or, you can file your property claim online through MySGI.

  • Document the damage:  Don't throw any damaged property away without your adjuster's approval. Take pictures if you can't store the damaged property.  Your adjuster will ask you to make a list describing each item.

  • Prevent further damage:  Cover broken windows, secure broken doors, etc.  If you're not sure, you can ask for our advice with this step.

File your Auto eClaim
Contact the SGI Injury Claims Centre
File a Property eClaim

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